Orange County Grocery Delivery
Once you start having your groceries delivered, you wonder why you ever bothered going to the seems so old fashioned and expensive. There are many reasons why you should use online grocery are just a few of them.
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Reasons To Get Your Groceries Delivered

Free Delivery on your first order of $50 or more

Shop from your home for all of the items you find in your local grocery store - farm fresh produce, fresh breads and pastries, certified fresh beef and meats, natural and organic foods, and local or national beers.

Choose the best delivery time and day for you. You can have your groceries delivered morning, afternoon or evening. You do not have to be home at the time that the groceries are delivered.

Save money by comparing products side by side on your screen. While shopping, you can compare true price per unit (price per ounce, etc) and make sure you are getting the best deal - on your time.

Save money by making fewer trips to the store. How many times have you gone to the grocery store, and then realized that you forgot something, or that the store didn't have that one item? With online grocery delivery, you can always come back and update your order at any time.

Save money by sorting items by price and choosing the most affordable brand or version of the item you are looking for.

Save money by easily checking for specials. This is much easier than hunting through the super market aisles with a ratty flyer in your hand.

Save money by purchasing multiple units of items on sale or that are at a discount price. You don't have to carry tons of stuff into your house or apartment - the delivery person will do this for you.

Save money by not spending it on the gas required to always be driving to the store.

Save time by creating an online shopping list throughout the week and then buying the items whenever you're ready.

Save time, as every grocery item from your last purchase is saved for you for your next purchase. Imagine if your grocery store had everything that you purchased during your last visit waiting for you in a shopping cart the next time when you walked in!

Stay within your budget by viewing the running shopping total displayed prominently in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This saves you the hassle of having to calculate how much you are going to spend based on the grocery items you have in your shopping cart.

Use your coupons with pride and receive double the value. You don't have to be embarrassed by holding up the checkout line as the checkout person scans all of your coupons.

Shop more intelligently if you are health conscious or are on a diet. You can view nutritional information for all of the products you shop for.

If you are physically challenged, elderly, or live up a lot of stairs you don't have to lug your groceries up to your place.




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